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Thursday, February 02, 2006
  djbebe: pink scraps handbag

handbag 001
Originally uploaded by djbebe.
I have several brown handbags (totes?) for when I wear brown - most of the time - but I had no bag for when I wear pink. So on my Australia Day four-day weekend, after the obligatory cleaning and visiting of grandparents was done, and after I did the rounds of every second-hand shop in town, I sorted out a selection of pink scraps and got to work. The creation was turning out a bit too pinkish - so I added some lace to dilute the pink effect - but I'm still not sure that it's really me. I think the bag might work with jeans and a non-pink t-shirt but if you teamed it with any more pink it might make people gag. I might just have to give this one to a small cousin who loves pink (I have several) and make myself another one. Ladies?
I think to go with pink, you could do brown-and-pink (chocolaty browns); or you could do dark reds and maroons with occasional splashes of pink. I think you need to tone in with the colours of the clothes that you wear with your pink clothes.

Light/bright greens might also be nice?

-betty sue
It's not really a bag I can see you using, DJ bebe. I think donation is the way to go. Perhaps pink in moderation wth other colours next time e.g. Betty Sue's Red/marooon/brown/pink would be more you.

Or you could sell it to some Barbie-loving freak via etsy.com
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