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Sunday, August 27, 2006
  Sponky's weekend output and future plans
Having finished my quilt top during the week, I wanted to get through the other side (not calling this the BOTTOM as I want it to be reversible) and also the binding for the edge this weekend. Pleased to say I got through both, and very happy with the other side (see here). Also happy I got through the binding, but 10m looks very unimpressive when all tided away...

So, I need to get some wadding, and also wait for my fancy device to arrive (at LEAST another week, so they tell me). In the mean time, I am going to get through my backlog of clothes sewing. I want to make:
Monday, August 21, 2006
  Crafty Spurt
Apparenlty an increase in my stress levels at work also increases my crafty output (also, 2 days enforced leave from work helped too!)

In the last three weeks, I have finished
Monday, August 07, 2006
  My circle quilt

My circle quilt
Originally uploaded by Sponky's Modern Life.
This is another circle quilt, slightly more muted tones that Kathryn's one. I made this to use up the squares that I had made for Kathry's quilt that didn't go with the overall scheme, but as these things always turn out, ended up having to buy about 1/2 the quilt again!

Quilting also done as curves with a walking foot, but I think the curves were TOO curvy or short or something, because this quilting had ALOT more mistakes thatn the first one, but I am keeping this, so who cares. I think the lesson learnt here is there is a limit to what you can do with a walking foot.

Still in two minds about the backing fabric. It mostly goes with the front but the green is kinda wacky.

This was pinned with the cool new table Paul built for me to do pinning on. It sits on top on a card table and is made out of craft wood, with lots of overhang to clip the layers to. It much much better than just a card table - only had to pin the entire thing once (rather than the two stage pinning I had to do on Kathryn's quilt)
  Baby quilt for Kathryn

Baby quilt for Kathryn
Originally uploaded by Sponky's Modern Life.
This quilt was made for the baby expected by Kathryn and Matthew. This was finished a while ago but I wanted to keep it a secret until I had given them the present.

The quilting was done with curves done with a walking foot (not a darning foot) which was easy to do and for the most part hides a multitude of sins.

This was a very quick and easy quilt to do - 1 day to cut and piece, and probably another day to quilt. Pining took an AGE for what it was, but I am getting faster with practice.

You can see the groovy signature I did with my sewing machine letters here
  Fiveo (as in Hawaii)

Fiveo (as in Hawaii)
Originally uploaded by Sponky's Modern Life.
Made by request for Rachel, the missing link between the Pussycat Dolls and the IT industry. Rachel, I'm keeping him hostage until you have lunch with me :)

Fiveo likes moontanning, crackers with vegemite and cheese on, and making things with pipecleaners. He is held together with string, and should be kept on a high shelf away from sticky children and husbands.
Wednesday, August 02, 2006
  baby quilt

I like the colours
Originally uploaded by djbebe.
Finally finished (although this photo is from when it still had the tacking in) - more photos over at flickr.
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